It’s our home. It's your home. It's the street we grew up on. It's the street you grew up on. It’s the street we all go back to. It’s the place where Jason and Chad hit continue number 99 while fighting M. Bison on hard mode, before finally beating him on what must have been continue 238. It’s where Mega Man 2 turned into a missing person case and where marathon sessions of Final Fantasy III gave way to Mortal Kombat and ultimate fighting tournaments. It's where we watched every episode of the Monday Night Wars and where Goldenye became Call of Duty.

Now, its the place we want you to visit to share those same kind of moments with us, with your peers, with your friends, with the entire world as we set out to make Allerton Ave a daily block party of content, memories and sometimes inappropriate destruction.

Allerton Ave is a place where a group of crazy friends gather to talk about things they like. It’s a place where you can be yourself and not be afraid to say or like something dumb. It’s a place where video games, movies, comics, sports and everything that makes those things great, comes toghether as one. It’s our website just as much as it’s yours, so make yourself at home and no, you don’t have to take your shoes off.


For one, we have no idea what we are doing. Well, to be fair, we know about the stuff we talk about every day, we are just new to this running a website thing.

It’s because of that niavety that we have decided that we are going to treat every story on the site like we are having a conversation with you. Weird, right? Not so much. We realized early on in this process that we would much rather write a story to you, than a story for you. Yeah that sounds odd, so what does that mean exactly...read on to find out.


Each story on the site is going to post with our thoughts in the form of “We Think” and “We Hope” sections below the main story. Read a news story, scroll down to see how we feel about it. Watch a trailer on the site, scroll down to see what we thought they should have done differently or how excited we are. When you are done with that, scroll down a little more and tell us how wrong we are. We would love that.


If you haven’t noticed already, we have a giant schedule at the top of each page. This schedule is our way of letting you know what we are doing and when. This all ties back to the point we made earlier where we treat you as part of the story. Knowing what is coming will allow you a chance to get in here engage with us and the rest of the community about hot topics, reviews and whatever else we have on the slate. If you are in the conversation with us, you will become part of that story forever. It will also allow you to be the first to read our reviews and watch our shows, who doesn’t want to do that?


What? Well in continuing the idea that we want to have a conversation with you, we would like to introduce you to the Allerton Ave “TalkBack”. A “TalkBack” is going to be a live interaction between you and members of the Allerton Ave Team. These interactions will take place inside of Google Hangouts and chat streams that you will be invited to.

Each review we post on the site will be followed up with a “TalkBack” the evening it is posted. At this “TalkBack” we will discuss our reivew in a much more casual, yet detailed setting. We will have other members of the staff ask the reviewer questions about their review and will allow our reviewer to dig deep into areas that might not otherwise get addressed. We will also be fielding questions from the Chat and inviting some of you to join in the fun with us on the LIVE Google Hangout. These Google Hangouts will then be archived and posted wiht our reviews for everyone to read for all time.


In addition to those things, we have all kinds of fun stuff planned for this year. We have a bunch of crazy shows involving different members of the team (such as “Mission Complete”, “GameNapping” and the world famous Allerton Ave “Top 7”). Quick note, we are creating these shows in the form of seasons so don’t get sad when your favorite show ends, it may come back for Season 2 somewhere down the line!

We are also going to go live once or twice a week and play games we think are fun, with you. These may be current games, they may be old games, either way with are ready for you to show us exactly what we are doing wrong. Thanks.