BY Jason Hojnacki | November 06, 2015

If you want to find out exactly how and why each James Bond Movie landed where they did or why they missed the cut, check out Behind The List at the end of this article or grab the podcast here. This is our list, let us know what yours looks like down in the comments.

The first Pierce Brosnan Bond movie made quite the impact on us as it was the first Bond movie released that coincided with our childhood. Besides the movie being great, with that classic tank chase through the streets of Russia, it introduced a new era of James Bond. It also introduced a Bond girl femme fetale with Famke Jannsen playing the evil Xenia Onatopp. On top of being a solid Bond movie, the videogame of the same name is one of our favorite games of all time. This probably made us look back on this one even more favorably after playing hundreds of hours of GoldenEye on our trusty Nintendo 64.

Dr. No is the movie that started it all. The very first James Bond movie, with the character adapted from the Ian Fleming novels. It introduced the familiar style of Bond that would be used to for years to come, especially the iconic shot of James Bond through a gun barrel. This movie set the table and forever changed the spy genre in many ways, one of which was introducing the first true Bond girl, Honey Ryder, seen in the iconic white bikini collecting shells along the coast of Crab Key.

Casino Royale changed what we knew and loved about James Bond, but still kept the classic elements from past Bond movies like the cars and Bond women. The famous Aston Martin DB5 (first appearing in Goldfinger) gave us some nostalgia, and the current day Aston Martin allowed us take Bond into a new generation. The action scenes that Daniel Craig was able to pull off as Bond made the introduction of a new Bond a lot easier. We also got to enjoy Swenor’s favorite Bond girl, Vesper Lynd, that pushed actress Eva Green into the mainstream.

George Lazenby’s only appearance as James Bond was a great one. He put on a great performance that was only matched by the performances of the rest of the cast. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was packed with amazing visuals and some of the best action scenes to grace a Bond movie for its time. It also had something that has never appeared in any other Bond movie, James Bond getting married. Of course, happiness didn't last long for Bond or Lazenby, as Sean Connery took back the mantle of Bond for the next film.

It’s amazing what you can do on a bigger budget. After Dr. No became a success on a on a very small budget, the second Bond movie got a larger budget that allowed them to make a bigger and better movie. SPECTRE was pretty upset what happened with Dr. No so they brought out the big guns with their Number 3 operative, Rosa Klebb and the recruitment of assassin Red Grant. Those two SPECTRE agents were some of the best, which is one of the main reasons From Russia With Love lands at #3. That and the great connection Connery had with Bond girl Tatiana Romanova.

Tristan prefers Roger Moore in the role of James Bond and this Bond movie is by far his favorite. Featuring an underwater Lotus, Carly Simon’s great opening song “Nobody Does It Better”, a crazy madman obsessed with recreating a new underwater civilization by starting World War III, an awkward relationship with Bond girl Anya Amasova after James just killed her lover, and the iconic henchman with a steel teeth named appropriately Jaws. Lets not forget one of the greatest opening scenes in a Bond movie when Bond makes an impressive ski jump resulting in a Union Jack parachute being deployed. What could possibly top that?

Goldfinger, named after Auric Goldfinger the main villian who had quite the plan involving Fort Knox (he wanted to use a bomb to unleash radiation on the gold and render it useless). This movie also features one of the most memorable scenes across the entire Bond franchise involving the death of Jill Masterson after betraying her boss Goldfinger, resulting in death by gold paint. Not only did we love Goldfinger, but we also love his henchman Oddjob and with his dangerous weapon... a bowling hat. On the car front, our love of Aston Martin first started here with a souped up DB5, courtesy of Q. Lets not forget the Bond girl, pilot of Goldfinger’s private fleet, Pussy Galore. When you add everything we love about this movie up, Goldfinger is easily our #1 Bond film of all time.