Here are Tristan's favorite things of 2016

BY Tristan Wischer | January 15, 2017

Batman doesn’t make my list for anything related to the live action version of him, or that Batman Telltale game everyone was so excited about. Instead I’m talking about how great Batman comic books have been this year. Scott Snyder ended his great run on Batman-New 52 run but was able to keep writing some great stories involving Batman with the amazing things he’s done with All-Star Batman. Rising star writer, Tom King, took over the reigns on Batman and has already proven that should be a book you need to keep reading. Detective Comics is now a Bat-family team up book, and it also comes highly recommended by me. I suppose I have to mention Frank Miller’s DKIII Master Race book as well, which continues that weird Batman universe that Miller created, but I will warn you this book isn’t for everyone and if I had a chance to not read it I’d probably pass on it. Overall, Batman comic books continue to dominate and is truly something I really loved reading in 2016.

Here’s a game that I had no interest in playing, but after Jason and Chad wouldn’t shut up about it, I just had to give it a shot. I gave it a shot, and it resulted in me having a lot of fun with this shooter! It’s different, quirky, and provides a lot of fun! Overwatch continues to receive so much support, with special events on a consistent basis throwing out unique loot to keep things exciting. If you’re getting dominated by Reinhardt in a match, there’s a small chance you might be playing me. Don’t I sound arrogant? I’m only kidding. I may have my moments with Reinhardt and a couple other characters but Overwatch is a game where even someone like me can step in and help contribute to an entertaining match.

Coming off the high that was Star Wars The Force Awakens to end 2015, 2016 continued my love for Star Wars. The comic books side of things saw some major events like Vader Down which just showcased how much of a badass Darth Vader can be. Within that event some characters really shined like Doctor Aphra and her two murder droids, BT-1 and Triple-Zero. These comics taking place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back still haven’t slowed down with keeping my interest. Doctor Aphra’s own comic book title just launched and continues to have me interested in these newly created characters. Han Solo received his own mini-series, and our Adapted team enjoyed talking about it. Kanan’s (from Star Wars Rebels) comic book series came to an end which gave some great insight on his backstory. Everyone’s favorite Force Awakens pilot, Poe Dameron, now has his own series and has been filling the void well until we get Episode 8 in 2017.

Not only comic books, but on TV Star Wars Rebels has had a really great year introducing fan favorite from the previous Star Wars Legends stories, Grand Admiral Thrawn, giving us a young Princess Leia on the show, and Darth Maul. Star Wars first standalone movie, Rogue One, did not disappoint and kept the Star Wars excitement going. Each year new Star Wars content keeps getting bigger, and it’s definitely not going to stop.

There were 12 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before Captain America Civil War was released and if you haven’t seen them then the impact of this movie wouldn’t be quite the same. Despite this movie being a Captain America sequel, all of the previous movies really come together and make this movie my favorite yet. The past comes together, but the future is firmly planted as well with characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man that are just getting their stories (in the MCU) started with this movie.

Saga, the comic book epic from Image Comics, started back in 2012, but 2016 was definitely a really great year for this series. Hazel is getting older, and her family’s adventures continue to get crazier. The supporting characters had some major stories as well. Major deaths, and some new additions to the story as Saga just keeps getting better. This series was by far my favorite comic book of 2016, and could easily be my favorite next year as well.

You’d think I would have thrown in a different Netflix series, like maybe the 2nd season of Daredevil or the 1st season of Luke Cage in here, and while I enjoyed both of those seasons, there was no other show out there that was as significant for me as Stranger Things. Taking a lot of inspiration from properties from the 80’s, Stranger Things took that inspiration and put together a show that I just couldn’t stop watching, and even resorted in a second viewing. This sci-fi series was my favorite thing on television this year and hopefully they can keep things strong when their 2nd season is released.

I was a moderate Pokemon fan as a kid, and with the release of the AR game in 2016 my interest in those crazy little pocket monsters returned. There was a sense of nostalgia that came back for me as characters I knew 20 years ago found their way into my phone. Just so you know, I despite mobile games, and with that being said I absolutely loved this game and became somewhat addicted to it. It’s not a perfect game, but their continual support of this game, with timely holiday events, has continued to keep me engaged as I continue to catch them all.