BY Chad Hojnacki | January 23, 2016

Last year when the dust settled on WWE's Royal Rumble 2015, #CancelWWENetwork was a worldwide Twitter trend that summed up how everyone felt after Roman Reigns won the match. Why? Because that match was a predictable and sloppy mess. This year we might be looking at the same outcome as Roman Reigns who starts at #1 is seemingly being booked to regain his title and defend it at WrestleMania. There are a million rumors going around about who will show up and what will happen in the final moments, all we know is that there is potential for an amazing finish just like we have seen more than a few times over the years. Here is our Top 7 greatest Royal Rumble winners of all time.

You don't really take Vince for a wrestler nowadays but back in '99 he was in and out of the ring all the time battling Mick Foley, The Rock and most notably Stone Cold Steve Austin. This Royal Rumble Vince entered at number 2 and began battling it out with Stone Cold before he fled under the bottom rope with Austin following close behind. All throughout this Rumble they battled everywhere you could imagine, from locker rooms to concession stands and even saw McMahon taking a moment to step behind the announcers table to provide us with a little color commentary before entering back in and eventually eliminating Stone Cold while The Rock distracted him. Dude, nobody saw Vince winning this thing and the way it all played out with the insane action throughout the arena will never be done again.

This was the first Royal Rumble to ever grant the winner a shot at the WWE Championship at wrestlemania so the stakes were incredibly high. Yoko came in as the 27th entrant and began laying waste to everyone in sight, eliminating 6 wrestlers before facing off with Randy Savage at the end. Mostly I rank this one so high for the rediculous ending that had Macho Man landing the big elbow off the top rope and then for some reason he decides to pin Yoko who has none of that and launches Savage from the pin position over the top of the ropes to win. You need to see this because it's pretty awesome and ridiculous at the same time.

Not only is he one of our favorite wrestlers of all time, he was also the first ever winner of the Royal Rumble. He had to go up against One Man Gang and Dino Bravo in order to bring home this win, and it wasn't easy at all, luckily he was able to make OMG knock Dino over the top and then finish him off in a nasty brawl. Hacksaw put on such an amazing performance that they decided to make Royal Rumble a yearly event. I think you should get a trophy in the shape of a 2x4 if you win along with your shot at the World Championship.

The final fight in the Rumble between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels was absolutely amazing and could have stood on its own as a singles match. They tore the roof down at the end of what was a pretty insane Rumble that saw people going through tables and had singapore cane shots all over the place. Im not even going to describe it any more as you need to finish this list and see it with your own eyes. Also as strange as this will sound, it took over 19 Royal Rumbles before anyone actually won from what you would think was the easiest spot to win, from which was what the Undertake did as he entered at number 30 to win it all the only way the Walking Deadman knows how.

There was a point in time where every year you thought that Austin was going to win the Rumble just based on how huge the crowd reaction was for him every time he entered the arena. This was the year that Austin faced his toughest challenge yet. Even though he entered at number 27, he was still in rough shape as Triple H had him beaten and bloodied to a pulp for interfering in an earlier match and he barely was able to make it down to the ring. As you all know it takes more than a little blood to stop the Rattlesnake as he fought back by stealing a steal chair that Kane had brought in the ring and using it on him with 3 huge strikes to the face. That was lights out for Kane as he tumbled over the top rope and cemented Austin as the only ever 3 time winner of the Royal Rumble.

No major feud was needed to help put The Heartbreak Kid this high on the list, all he needed to do was to enter the ring at the number 1 spot. Shawn Michaels didn't do what Vince did to last the entire rumble, by rolling out under the ropes and high tailing it throughout the arena for an hour, Shawn stayed in that ring and battled every wrestler that came before him. He eliminated 7 opponents before facing off against the man that stood before him at the beginning as the number 2 entrant, The British Bulldog. Something you will see in almost every highlight reel for the Rumble and for Shawn Michaels himself is that moment when Bulldog tossed him over the top he hung on for dear life with his feet almost grazing the floor. Bulldog thought he had it won but Michaels flew back inside and tossed the Bulldog out earning himself a shot at the belt and a night with Pamela Anderson (pre-1 million plastic surgeries).

Just like this years Royal Rumble the WWF Championship was on the line for the last man standing in the ring and Rick Flair was not on anyone's list to win the title, mostly because he had just started working for the company and only had a handful of matches. His little time in the company, entering at number 3, as well as the title being on the line, really made it seem like he was there to be eliminated by Hogan or the other fan favorite, a returning Sid Justice. As a surprise to the world, Flair hung in there for over an hour and put on some entertaining in ring work until the final man was in the ring with him, or standing by the ropes with his hand held by Hogan waiting to get tossed over the top. It was such an amazing event to watch, from the begining all the way down to the final minute where the unlikeliest of winners came out a Royal Rumble legend.