BY Jason Hojnacki | May 04, 2017

Everyone in the universe is excited about the new Star Wars movie and since we fight about it all the time in the offices, we figured that we should sit down and hash out our favorite bad guys for you. This list doesn't represent the most bad-ass bad guys or the bad guys who have the highest rank, it's just a dumb list of bad guys that we think are cool. If you think it's easy to make a list like this, check out the Behind the List feature at the end of this article to see just how much thought/blood we put into this sucker. When you are done with that, show us what your list would look like down in the comments.

Let's get this out of the way, the Rancor is kind of a pussy. He looks big, bad and all sorts of menacing, but the only time he is shown in battle, he get's his ass kicked in record time. So, why did this wuss make the list? Easy, he clearly laid waste to hundred of victims before Luke came along, he looks ultra badass, had a great toy and all of us were scared of him. Maybe The Rancor will get a second chance at badassary under the Disney umbrella.

What can we say about this chubby glob of skin and mucus that already hasn't been said. The Tony Saprano of Tatoine Jabba ran a slavery and illegal trade ring that would make any modern gangster jealous. Outside of his appareances in the movies, he has been a force in almost every piece of Star Wars fiction, ever. He also takes part in one of the most memorable scenes in Return of the Jedi, being choked to death with a chain at the hands of Princess Leia. Bad guys went out like punks in that movie.

The Supreme General of the Droid Army that just so happened to have been trained in the skills of lightsaber combat by Count Dooku. He practically spits in the face of Jedi, as he uses the lightsabers of Jedi he has defeated. His brief appearance in Revenge of The Sith showed off some of his fighting skills, but if you want to know just how crazy this General is, then check out the animated Clone Wars that we like to mention in our Behind The List video, as we get to see General Grievous become a huge thorn in the side of the Jedi and their Clone army of the Republic. We get a big kick out of seeing him in a lightsaber duel, as he wields four lightsabers in battle from his extensive lightsaber trophy case.

No bad guy in the history of Star Wars movies drew more hype, with as little known about them, as Darth Maul. Prior to Episode 1 hitting theaters it seemed everyone pegged Darth Maul to be the Darth Vader. Turns out George Lucas had other plans and decided that the new trilogy should focus on a talking giraffe rather than one of the most bad ass looking bad guys ever. With a total screen time tally of around twenty minutes, we all sat in shock when the dual lightsaber wielding menace was cut in half and bounced around a pit on the way to his death. It's very true the best part of The Phantom Menace was reduced to about 10 minutes. No worries though, as we can appreciate Darth Maul returning in the animated Clone Wars series giving us a little more time with our favorite Dathomirian.

If you thought Darth Maul getting chopped in half was controversial, you need to watch to Behind the List because the team was devided on old Dooku landing here at number 3. Count Dooku was once a Jedi trained by the greatest Jedi of all, Yoda. Corrupted by the Dark Side, he accepted his role as Darth Tyranus and operated with Darth Sidious as his master. Carrying out his master's plans he manipulated the Republic, by secretly installing an inhibitor chip in the Clone Army, ready to activate when Order 66 was ordered. You might be fooled by Count Dooku, but he was always one of the best to ever wield a lightsaber, matching Yoda and Mace Windu's skills, and became even more powerful when he discovered the power of the dark side.

Fear is the path to the dark side, and Anakin fell down the rabbit hole as his fear led to anger. Anger led to hate, and hate led to suffering as he became Darth Vader and one of the most feared faces of the galaxy. He followed Emperor Palpatine's orders after being corrupted by him after he thought the Jedi betrayed him, resulting in his wife Padme Amidala's death that supplied all kinds of anger making Vader the fearsome Sith Lord. The sheer power of Darth Vader is something we can just stare at in amazement. Counting up how many people Vader kills with his Force choke holds is almost a sport at this point. Cue Vader's heavy breathing and we're trembling in fear.

The Jedi thought their biggest enemy, The Sith, were extinct all this time only to be fooled by a guy from Naboo. What a bunch of fools those Jedi were. His grand master scheme eventually revealed that Sheev Palpatine were actually the dark lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious. His concocted plan that resulted in the Clone Wars, the extermination of the Jedi, and the creation of the Galactic Empire quickly replacing the Republic that Palpatine led as Supreme Chancellor. We can look at all his actions and be most impressed. His plan of course led to Anakin Skywalker turning to the Dark side and becoming his apprentice, Darth Vader. The master rose to be Emperor and ruled the galaxy with great power. Even in defeat, his plans continued to carry out in the Star Wars Shattered Empire comics. There's no one in the Star Wars universe we fear more than Emperor Palpatine.