We had good intentions...

BY Jason Hojnacki | May 04, 2017

This list started off innocently enough. In honor of The Force Awakens we thought we would get together and hash out our Top 7 favorite Star Wars good guys. Sounds easy right? Well, as it turned out, this was way too easy. We put together a list of about 50 guys and within minutes, all of us had honed in on the same 7. Han, Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan, you get the drift. So, because of this we decided to change course and create a list of the Top 7 Underrated Good Guys in the Star Wars universe. So, here are ours, let us know how your Top 7 would shake out down in the comments.

"It's a trap!" has to be one of the best quotes from Star Wars not recited by a main character. The Mon Calamari, Admiral Gial Ackbar played a significant role for the Rebels commanding the fleet of ships in attacking the second Death Star, the Battle of Endor. Someone has to bark out the orders, and Admiral Ackbar gave everyone the proper direction that led to victory for the Rebels. Admiral Ackbar showing up in our top 7 is certainly no trop.

Here's where the list might educate you if you're only seen the Star Wars movies. Kanan Jarrus is a character on the animated series Star Wars Rebels, and also has his own title published by Marvel comics. Originally known as Caleb Dume, the padawan of Jedi master Depa Billaba (who appeared in Episodes 1 & 2), fled during the execution of Order 66 and re-branded himself as Kanan Jarrus and kept his past a secret in order to survive. We've enjoyed the story of a former Jedi, who finds himself in a position to fight for what's right, teach the ways of the Force, and no longer hide his past. We're hoping his story gets even bigger, hopefully making his way into the Rogue One movie coming next year.

Ahsoka Tano, one time padawan to Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars, grew up before our eyes on the animated Clone Wars series, later appearing again in Star Wars Rebels. She may have been an annoying kid at first, but matured and became relevant just as quick. A padawan taught by Anakin Skywalker? She must have some skills. Our favorite thing about her is her ability to see through Anakin and know he wanted out of the Jedi order, while no one else was able to see this (mostly because the Jedi were somewhat fools during the Clone Wars). Those Jedi were so blind to expel her from the Jedi Order after she was framed. They welcomed her back once they discovered the truth, but Ahsoka decided not to return. That decision may have saved her life, as she escaped Order 66 and became an important piece to the Rebellion when needed. Her future has not been decided yet, which might help her case in becoming even more prominent in Star Wars mythology.

Oh yes, we have Ewoks on our list. Not just any Ewok, but Wicket Wystri Warrick, one of the heroes from Return of the Jedi. Lets face it, the Rebels would have been screwed and that shield generator protecting the second Death Star might still be standing if it wasn't for the help from Wicket. We have no idea how the events may have changed if that shield generator was never taken out, but Leia and Han would have been doomed without the help of Wicket and the rest of the Ewoks.

Here goes nothing. Lando Calrissian was easily one of our most hated characters after he betrayed Han Solo and Princess Leia in Empire Strikes Back. Old time friend to Han Solo both had smuggling in common, and of course Lando owned the Millennium Falcon until he lost it to Han in a game of sabacc. We got a perfect representation of Lando after we read his comic book mini-series, showcasing how Lando uses his words as a weapon more than grabbing a blaster. He's usually able to talk himself out of any situation no matter how dire it gets. He was put in a tough spot with Vader and the Empire after they showed up on Cloud City, resulting in Lando setting up Han and Leia, but he totally redeemed himself after he led a rescue mission for Han on Tatooine in Jabba's palace, and later becoming a general for the Rebels piloting his old ship the Millennium Falcon and firing the blast that took out the second Death Star.

There's something about Samuel L. Jackson getting the best roles ever in movies. Only he would play a character that possesses a purple lightsaber and he's probably the only one out there that could pull it off. Mace Windu, second in command of the Jedi Order only to Master Yoda. He was one of the important parts to the Jedi during the last few years of the Republic. The movie may have been pretty sub par, but one of the highlights from Attack of the Clones came when Windu led hundreds of Jedi in the Battle of Geonosis and took out bounty hunter Jango Fett right in front of young Boba Fett. Mace Windu would have taken out Palpatine if it wasn't for Anakin Skywalker interfering. We'll remember Mace Windu forever for being one of the greatest Jedi, despite coming up short against Palpatine.

Qui-Gon Jinn was met with an untimely death, but his actions before his death is what makes himself stand out on this list. He had the insight to see what was special about young Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine, and was also responsible for the tutelage of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He's pretty easy to like especially since he was the one guy that didn't necessary agree with the Jedi High Council, even giving up a seat on the council so he could play by his own rules. We're still bitter he got taken out by Darth Maul, though a part of him lives forever since he learned how to become part of the Living Force after his death, something Yoda later learned thanks to the teachings of Qui-Gon. You heard right, he taught Yoda! His spot at #1 is well deserved!