Wing Divers get all the booty!

BY Chad Hojnacki | February 19, 2016

The Earth is once again in a major crisis with Aliens attacking every corner of the globe, so we enlisted Wing Diving Amy to burn some giant ants to the ground. If you have never heard of this game you are absolutely in luck! It's a co-op players little slice of heaven.

We run you guys through the how this game plays, why it was even made and what to do when your playing with Amy and she tries to grab all the loot for herself, she might just turn into juicy ant meal. I mean there is no way she could possibly survive completely destructible city-wide battles against hordes of seemingly endless giant bugs, robots, and other Godzilla sized enemies .... can she?

Oh and if you comment down below with the lyrics to the song we sing you will totally get a shout out from us next video, super major bonus points if you know the rest of the song!