I love that your robot friend is the size of a cereal box. Really?!

BY Chad Hojnacki | December 24, 2016

We run through the Nier Automata Demo and experience the robotic post apocalyptic mayhem for the first time since 2015!

Literally an entire factory near the ocean turns into a giant mech that dwarfs almost all the buildings you have ever seen in your life... oh and he doesn't want to be your friend either!

SPOILER: If you cannot sit through the whole video here is a clip of my true feelings and excitement.

The same team who brought you the original Nier on PS3 are back and elevating the gameplay to new heights. It combines side scrolling, open world, third person combat with RPG and bullet hell shooting.. if that doesn't make sense then watch the video and find out how crazy rad this all is!

If you missed this originally you can always watch us live all week on our Twitch - Allerton Ave.