I brought my relics to help her understand and all she did was point a gun at me and laugh

BY Chad Hojnacki | May 18, 2016

Amy finally gets a chance to show off Uncharted 4 this week, which she has been waiting for since conquering Uncharted 3 so many years ago. So, you are in a ton of luck because this Uncharted pro is going to show you the ropes and teach you how to die...to be fair she doesn't die very often but it's still enough to make me happy.

***Please be careful though because this video does show off a few location spoilers*** which includes the inside of a rock wall that you probably didn't know you could get into. La La La La La!

Join us down in the comments with your experiences in Uncharted 4! Also tell us what games you would like to see us play next, who knows maybe you could even join us for the ride next time. As long as that ride is not in Amy's truck when she's sitting next to Drake because she gets all dreamy eyed and crashes every 5 seconds.

Don't forget to come back here on Wednesday night 7pm CT to listen to us talk about this and everything else we are playing on The Block Party.