At least it looks like Destiny

BY Chad Hojnacki | May 18, 2017

Bungie dropped a ton of information about Destiny 2 today, much more than I expected, especially since we are still 4 months from launch. As you can see in the video above the show ran a little over an hour and pretty much answered all of your questions, except the ones only I hold the answer to.

September 9th 2017 cannot come soon enough!


Let's start at the beginning, is it a sequel?

Yes of course it is... in story. Everything else they showed today looked absolutely like the original Destiny, which isn't a bad thing...but in sequels I have come to expect a certain amount of visual change to really put your mind into a holy crap this is new moment.

The visuals aren't the only thing that didn't surprise as we were shown the three main classes which we knew were going to be in it, I was hoping for at least a 4th one. Since the Traveler's power was just sapped, I am sure some new class of dude wants to step up and show off.

On the plus side, we did get a tease of 3 new SUB-classes, one for each class, and these look pretty awesome. Except for the super hokey Captain America Shield tossing titan.

Elsewhere you now have access to a ton of new modes, more open worlds and tweaks to how you load into planets. It was also confirmed that expansions will feature only one raid, per usual, but it still looks like there will be enough content for me to be damn satisfied. It's just hard to see this as a major sequel when I will be battling against hordes of the Cabal and Vex... AGAIN!!

Best new feature exposed today?

That definitely has to be the fact that there will be no more sitting in orbit waiting forever just to load some content feature. They have a new philosophy of getting players guns in enemies faces as fast as they can and everything they are doing around that looks phenomenal. Now we can finally search on the planets and enjoy them without having to go to orbit and load more activities. Not to mention these activities seem to be light years ahead of the original.

The other mode that got me pumped was Lost Sectors, which are hidden dungeons with special gameplay mechanics that are called adventures, that have a boss with a key to hidden treasure and Patrol of course!

Oh and the weather effects, not even really touched on during the show but damn that rain and planetary weather looks amazing, sorry last gen but it's clear it was time to say goodbye my friends.

Is it worth it?

The focus they have put on the cinematics and story alone make it worth it if you are a big a Destiny fan. They are adding a shit ton of new weapons, armor, planets, strikes, clan support and guided Sherpa missions for solo players to find assistance on the new raid/activities.

Even though I complain about the similarities, Destiny 2 looks to be more of what I have came to love after Rise of Iron. The only people I will say it's not worth it to are the players who didn't like the controls or theme of the original game. Other than that it's looking like a great start to an epic 2 year journey.