Welcome to the alternate dimension of Wii Sports Boxing

BY Chad Hojnacki | May 17, 2017

Originally slated for spring of 2017, ARMS is heading to store shelves on Jun 16th which is roughly one month from today and a major reason Nintendo chose to drop this Direct showcasing it’s brand new IP. During the Switch reveal event in January we received a taste of ARMS and throughout the last few months we have seen a couple new characters, stages and moves revealed to keep our interest at an all time high.

Global Testpunch (beta test) goes from 5/26-5/28 and then again 6/2-6/4

Stick around until the end of the ARMS Direct to see the new Splatoon 2 teaser, you can stop teasing me, I am already so excited I filled a super soaker with paint and sprayed my neighbor.


The “deep-dive” showcased a few new things, has this changed your thoughts on the game?

Absolutely, 100%, we were just talking about this game and I was hoping to feel the same way I did when I put Punch-Out in my NES decades ago. I really think they have something here that will bring out an updated version of that feeling. It also looks like it has better gameplay than Wii U boxing, which I thought it was going to play like. Whew!

As the show progressed they unveiled levels of depth to this game that we really didn't know to much about, aside from the various effects of the punches and the changeability of the ARMS. I'm really excited to see that they added stats to the ARMS so if you get one that is a duplicate there is a chance it might have more attack or defense on it.

The one thing I am hoping for is a little more story out of Grand Prix mode besides just fighting 10 opponents. They did such a great job setting up the history of ARMS by giving some background on these fighters that it would be a shame to not explore them further in the game. Speaking of modes, Hoops looks like it might be the most fun mode ever, you literally try to pick up your opponent and toss them in a basketball hoop! Slam dunk, three pointer, lay up... any way you want, just toss them in the air and smack at 'em!

What do you think of this cast of characters?

These dudes almost couldn't get any goofier with the spring arms flailing about, but it works flawlessly. I will not be caught sleeping on this new Nintendo IP like I was for Splatoon, where I looked at those squids and almost instantly wrote them off. Yes, I regret it almost every time someone shoots me in the face with paint.

The cast is extremely diverse from the "Gggggriiim Creeeeper" Master Mummy and failed experiment Helix to the pop sensation Twintelle that attacks you with power loaded spring action hair. The only two characters that came off as your typical basic characters were Spring Man and Ribbon Girl, which I am sure both play extremely well because they were created as characters that everyone can enjoy.

My favorite you ask? Byte and Barq who at first glance look absolutely overpowered. Put on the nerf collar and zap that pup.

"His hair may seem fake but his passion for ARMS is definitely real!"

The announcer had some of the best lines in a Nintendo Direct ever! We can only hope he shows up during our matches throwing out the world's cheesiest one liners and making me want to rip that little yellow fist off his adorable head. My feeling is that he will only make appearances during intro's and the GRAND PRIX mode where you have to take down 10 opponents to become the grand champion.