Welcome Home

BY Tristan Wischer | April 13, 2016

During Sony's CinemaCon presentation, the new Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Tom Holland, came out to help introduce the title for the latest Spider-Man reboot. That title being Spider-Man Homecoming. There's a title that has dual meaning, not only because this version of Peter Parker is still in high school, but also because this movie is the first time Marvel Studios is helping produce a solo Spider-Man movie.

Before Spider-Man Homecoming comes out on July 7, 2017, the new Spider-Man will show up next month in Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016.

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House of M

For those that don't know the history of Marvel, they sold off almost all of their character's movie rights in the 90's as they struggled to stay afloat. Things have turned around for the company since then as they launched a successful movie studio of their own making movies based on character's rights they still owned. That success drew Walt Disney to buy the company. Sony was the studio that bought the rights to Spider-Man many years ago, and it's a property they'll never sell as it's a very lucrative deal for them. They've since then released 5 Spider-Man movies, though haven't exactly done Spider-Man justice. With the groundbreaking announcement last year where Marvel Studios and Sony now have a working relationship where Marvel Studios has crossed over with Sony's Spider-Man. Characters from Marvel Studios will show up in the Spider-Man Homecoming movie, and Spider-Man will show up in Marvel Studio titles. Spider-Man is now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it truly is a Homecoming. Spider-Man is a huge player in Marvel Comics, and is usually at the front of any comic book event. It will be an amazing thing for me, to finally see him in a movie along with Iron Man and Captain America, characters that he interacts with on a very frequent basis in the comics.

Another Reboot

This might be another Spider-Man reboot, but it's not another origin story where we have to see Peter Parker getting bitten by a radioactive spider once again. I'm beyond ecstatic to see how they'll pull this off, but already the new logo is something I've never seen for a Spider-Man movie. Next month we'll get Captain America: Civil War and get our first real taste of what to expect with Spider-Man now in the MCU. Things are looking up for this popular worldwide known character.