Jason is the brother of Chad and co-founder of Allerton Ave . He loves words and pretty much everything that has flashy lights associated with it. He has been known to blow entire weekends playing through games that definitely don't merit the time. Why? Who knows, he is odd like that.



Chad is the brother of Jason, co-founder of Allerton Ave and husband of Amy. If that sounds like the recipe for a great reality show, you would be correct. He loves to record things and will be involved in a majority of the video content. He tends to love games where you do the same thing for hour after hour so he will head coverage of MMO’s and online shooters. You will also see him running around the site playing classic Mega Man games as well as giving incorrect trivia answers about movies and music. His hair will also have it’s own show, details to follow.



Amy has spent many years creating elaborate costumes based off of video game and anime characters. Seriously, these things are fucking amazing. On the game front, she loves to torture herself with Demon and Dark Souls and has not shyed away from playing 100 hours of Destiny, despite thinking it’s just ok. From what we hear she also loves to spend her free time petting cats and playing MMOs which is fine by us.



Tristan just completed a 162 game season of MLB The Show. Yep, he played all 162 games, the guy loves baseball. This love of baseball will come in handy when we ask him to repeat the feat in 2015. Tristan is also the resident comic book guru and we love it when he goes off on little comic book rants. Because of this he will head our comic book movie and tv show coverage. Little known fact about Tristan, in 1994 he launched a fan-site dedicated to the New World Order, Red and Black edition, how freaking rad is that?



Chad(hereby referred to as Swenor) will be covering a wide spectrum of games, sports, technology and entertainment for the site. He has a long history of Apple hatred (which he will not openly admit) that is fun to poke and prod him about every time new hardware drops. Since he spends his days toiling away in corporate america we are excited to have his everyman viewpoint on gaming. That sounds rude, we didn't mean it that way, and are actually pumped to have someone that isn't a total nerd on the site. He also told us that he really loves soccer and that his favorite team is Manchester City...or is it Manchester United...tomato, tamato.



Jeramy is an expert at Mortal Kombat II which leads us to believe he will be quite helpful in our retro gaming coverage. He is also known to play games beyond their normal shelf life, putting many hours into a single game when the rest of the world moved on (Borderlands 2 anyone?). His completionist nature will aid the site in our retro and marathon gaming features. He will also be involved in coverage for adventure, action, fighting and rpg games. Jeramy is really tall and loves the color yellow. Ok, enough about Jeramy.