It may not be long, but the content was rich.

I had no expectations when it came to The Order 1886. I usually never look into games, movies, tv shows, and books I'm interested in as I want to form my own, unbiased opinion about said experiance. I try to never be excited for or disappointed in anything new because I then have the capacity to be surprised or let down on based on my experience, rather than preconceived ideas or feelings I have about something. So, going into The Order, I knew next to nothing except what I had heard about the games length.

Let me just get it out of the way, the game was short, I completed it in around 7 hours. To put it in perspective though, other third person, over the shoulder shooters are short too.The Uncharted campaign was about 6 hours for me, Uncharted 2 was about 8 hours, Gears of War was about 5 hours, and Gears of War 2 and 3 each took me around 8 hours to complete. The Tomb Raider 2013 reboot took me about 12 hours to complete, that was after I went back in and tried to get some collectables. As with The Order 1886, the games I mentioned don't have very long campaigns, but, to be fair, I understand that each of these contain multiplayer options which would then, theoretically, extend the game life on each of them. I however, never played the multiplayer, except for Gears of War co-op, but that was to get through the game and it did not add any extra length to my Gears time. So far, the length of The Order 1886 seems to be an industry standard for this type of game.

ANYWAYS, my time was well spent on The Order 1886. The graphics are beyond incredible, truly 'next gen' and about time. All the cut scenes were rendered in game, and didn't require any extra CG enhancements. They were all so, so pretty. Water reflections actually reflect what surrounds the puddles, as do the reflections in windows. I was playing Last of Us Remastered for a bit after my time with The Order 1886 and was looking into puddles. All of the puddles had the exact same images reflected in them throughout the game. Trippy, huh? Scones of lights had different glow effects, the characters clothing flowed smoothly with realistic movements, paces changed as the characters walked up and down stairs, there were lots of little details that I take for granted in games, that was all done so well it felt pretty real.

And here we have the Knights of the Round Table...Er, on a bathroom break?

Something that isn't real, but I felt could be, was the steampunk universe the game is set in. This setting isn't normally my cup of tea, but The Order 1886 did it so seamlessly that it didn't seem forced and was very believable as a world. Speaking of believable worlds, the London in that game seemed picture perfect! I enjoyed the weighted foggy atmosphere and the zeppelins flying in the distance, not to mention the dashing gents in their fine livery. The contrasts that were made on a clear sunny day to a damp wet night worked very well too, I mean, just Google "London fog", it is pretty spot on!

Another aspect of the game that is rather unique, and hasn't been explored very much before in a shooter gaming series, is the Arthurian legend. The original Order was formed during the Middle Ages by King Arthur. He created The Knights of the Round Table as a front in order to fight against the werewolves, aka 'half-breeds'. All of the current Knights of the Round Table (The Order) are spiritual successors of the Knights of old and as such each of the current members of The Order, in 1886, carry with them the code name of an ancient Knight. As such, the main character who's name is Sebastian, is instead called Sir Galahad throughout the game. The Holy Grail has also been discovered and the members of the Order use it to cure themselves and prolong their lives. Many of these members have been fighting the werewolves for hundreds of years.

Love interests, siblings, militia, rebel insurgents, Tesla and mention his rival Thomas Edison, all make their way into this intriguing tale that has turned from fighting the half-breeds, to a battle of the 'haves' versus the 'have nots'. The Order mixes European story staples very well together. Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the Holy Grail and immortality, coexisting with Werewolves being common place and **story spoiler here**! The setting has the option of opening up so many possible story lines in the future. Excalibur, Merlin, and the Lady of the Lake mixing with spoiler and werewolves? How cool would that be!

How cool! Such WOW! Much fun!

Something a little wonky, that was both fun but needed a bit of work, was the fighting. The gun battles were quick but engaging, in fact the whole fighting aspect was both a positive and negative. The first thing I thought was, "This is a lot like Uncharted," and it was, not in a negative sense, but stylistically. The gunfights play rather quickly, my only real complaint is that you can't easily go cover to cover, and it seems a little awkward to look, lean and shoot while in cover. There are about 3 enemy types in this game. As most of the variation just comes from the weapons the bad guys employ, there is room for baddie growth in later games.

On the other side of things I really enjoyed all the different weapon choices in this game, they were creative and very fun to use! For instance, one weapon uses a stun spray to stagger and interrupt a target, which can then be followed by a quick burst of deadly automatic fire. Other weapons consist of incendiary spray that when lit, torches targets and barricades, while yet another has an awesome arcing electrical current, similar to the Arc Cannon in Titianfall.

The stealth was pretty easy but a little tricky, and was a fun little side option in the game. It consisted of a QTE to kill guards from behind. If you failed to time it correctly you'd get shot in the face like a newb. Aside from the normal gun fights, another thing that needed a bit of tweaking was the last battle. I won't go into too much detail, but it was pretty much a QTE re-hash of an earlier fight. This was a little boring, and more than a little disappointing. Boo. That final battle would have to be my biggest complaint of The Order 1886


The game is fun. It has a decent story and even better visuals. I enjoyed my time with The Order and it was fun experimenting with all the weapons that felt like they could be real, but sadly aren't. I didn't have as much fun trying to run for cover in the battles, but the setting the game made up for that. The Order 1886 has many options for sequels and I can see this growing into a commanding series. For me, the length was just right, summing up a pretty good story rather succinctly.




"While I would have loved for it to be longer; I mean, who wants a good game to end, The Order 1886 was a decent game with superb visuals and an interesting story. The battle mechanics felt rough and didn't flow that smoothly, but it didn't detract much from what could be an amazing series."

STORY - 4/5
LENGTH - 4/5
WORLD - 4/5
- The graphics were amazing, really they are. I enjoyed watching Sir Galahad walk up and down stairs as his pace changed and clothing moved accordingly..
- The possibilities the world of The Order 1886 has is pretty much limitless. I hope there is another game.
- The gun battles are a little broken, but the science weapons are fun to use and pretty creative!
- The last battle though...rather disappointing.
- Multiplayer co-op could be pretty cool later in this game series, as it is now though, it’s too heavy with QTEs to support co-op.