Allerton Ave has a diverse staff with expertise in various game types. We will try our best to match our reviewers with a history of a specific genre to cover content in that genre. You will be able to see more about a reviewers history on their individual personality page.

We score all content on a 5 point scale. After much deliberation and research we determined that reviews on scales that go higher don't always tend to reflect the true score of the content being reviewed. We hope that our using the 5 point scale helps you to make informed decisions on content that scores in all ranges.

What does each number in our scoring scale mean:


This content sucks on all levels and we can't recommend you waste any time on this trash. Seriously, there is no redeeming value in this content and you need to stay as far away as possible.


This content was below average but not the worst thing we have ever reviewed. There are things about this content that super hardcore fans of the genre may find appealing even if the rest of the world, including our reviewer, hates it.


Welcome to average-ville. This content is as average as it gets. We want you to take a deep breath and say the following with us "A score of 3 is not a bad thing". Got that? Good, because we need you to know that we liked this content even if it didn't do anything special. A 3 represents a piece of content that checked all of the boxes and did what it was supposed to do.


This content was pretty freaking awesome and you should really check it out. While not the greatest piece of content in it’s genre this is one of the best in this genre, this year.


This content was amazing and you need to drop everything and check it out. This content is an all time great and will most likely go down as an instant classic.