Has anything really changed?

BY Jason Hojnacki | November 15, 2015

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I didn't expect much when I tossed the latest installment of the Assassins Creed franchise into my PS4 last week. By the time I got around to playing it Swenor had sung it's praises and Tristan let everyone on The Block Party know that he was having a good time with the game, but I still had my doubts. After all Swenor hasn't strapped the blade to his arm since he was guiding Ezio around town and Tristan is a chronic dabbler, which led me to think the game was front loaded with awesome that would fade with time.

So it came as a big surprise when I found myself wanting to play more Syndicate as I worked my way through Halo 5. Instead of getting involved in a game that I haven't played in 10 years, I wanted to run around London doing the same menial tasks I do every year. So what makes this game different, I don't know, the characters and city maybe? All I know is that I had a good time playing the dual role of Jacob and Evie as they attempt to take down the big baddie of London.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One and is scheduled to be released on PC near the end of November.

During my time with the game I didn't experience any game breaking bugs nor did I think the frame-rate was out of line.



My total tally was around 5 hours.


It's boring, restrictive and doesn't allow scenarios that we haven't experienced before to play out. Black Flag was great because it allowed us to experience Assassin's Creed in a new location, which made the whole game feel fresh. I will end this point with three time periods that could really get me excited for a new game. World War II, Feudal Japan, Present Day.

Is this game too much like previous games?

In short, yes, and it really hurts would could be a really awesome game. Even if it's not in the same time period as previous games, the feeling of having been in this world is there and that is all that matters. The reason Black Flag felt so fresh was that while the time period had been visited before, the setting was bright and new.

Describe the combat?

If you have ever played a Creed game, you will know what you are getting into. If anything I thought the combat had taken a step back from previous versions and didn't flow as smooth as I wanted it too.

Is the combat too simple?

You know what, maybe that is what I was trying to get at in the previous question. Most of the time I felt like I was just mashing the attack button until the counter button popped up to break the monotoney.

What did you think about the main character?

Jacob and Evie are easily my favorite part of this game. They are fun, play off of each other well and their dialog made me want to start up the next mission, even if I knew it was going to be boring.

Do you think the graphics are solid?

Visually this game is top notch. I've been hearing rumblings that it is a step down from Unity and while that may be the case, the solid frame rate and attention to detail more than make up for what was lost. At the end of the year there is no question this game will be on my best visuals list.

Are the side missions any good?

Per usual the side missions are here to pad the time you spend with the game. The only side missions I found myself wanting to play through were the assassination missions...go figure.

What are the normal missions like?

They vary in complexity but overal I think they are a step up from where missions have been in the past. Tail missions are still here and that sucks.

Is there a good selection of weapons?

I didn't really dive far enough in to get into the nitty gritty of the weapons, but it looks like your normal Creed level of customization and choices. In lamens terms, not really.

How is the frame rate?

Solid as a rock, no complaints here.

Have you seen any major glitches?

Nothing like we all saw last year. I did see some townspeople clipping here and there but in a game this complex, with as much happeing on screen at once, you kind of expect that.

Do you see yourself finishing the game?

And that is the sixty dollar question isn't it. I want to say yes because there are lots of things I like about the game, but in all honesty, I doubt that I am going to go back to it.

What kind of player would you recommend play this game?

If you haven't played and Assassins Creed game in 3 or 4 years, you are going to love this game. If you played the game last year, odds are good that you're not going to love what this game has to offer.



When I turned this game off for the last time I had mixed feelings. I enjoyed the world much more than I thought I would and found myself really getting into the main characters. The game however, might be too Assassins Creedy for me to get back into any time soon. If you haven't played an Assassins Creed game on the current generation of consoles, I whole heartily think this is a worthy game for you to dive into. Anyone else, it all depends on how much of the Assassins Creed formula you can tolerate. I'm probably going to dive back into this one once the holiday rush dies down since I really did enjoy my time with it.

Visuals - 5/5
Combat - 2/5
Story - 3/5
Setting- 4/5
Controls - 2/5
- I went in with low expectations and left surprised
- The world looks great and the game runs smooth
- Evie is clearly the better of the two characters
- Side missions are the same as always
- The setting needs a big change for the next game