Batman Vs Superman REVIEW

BY Tristan Wischer | March 28, 2016

I have been anticipating this movie for years

The movie meant to launch the DC Extended Universe, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally here and now we know what to expect over the next 4 years. The tone has been set and I’m disappointed and scared for the future of this movie universe. After sitting through this movie it's clear to me that the man in charge of this universe, Zack Snyder, is not going to be able to properly execute it.

If you haven’t seen Batman v Superman yet, there’s going to be spoilers moving forward so I can address the multiple atrocities that happen in this thing.

Parts of this movie are adapted from the brilliant The Dark Knight Returns comic...right?

Yes, but mostly, no. While the PR department likes to advertise about the fact that they’re adapting one of the most popular Batman comics of all time, Snyder never grasps what makes The Dark Knight Returns so good. On top of missing the clear connections, he also fails to capture what makes each character tick in that comic. Because of this he manages to turn Superman into a character that everyone hates. Truth, Justice, The American Way are generally attributes that are a part of Superman,but they go entirely out the window with Snyder. In Snyder’s universe, he’s a guy that only seems to care about Lois Lane and his mother Martha. Somehow this version of Superman managed to be even worse than the one in Man of Steel...which is no small feat.

Ok, but Snyder didn’t ruin Batman, did he?

He does a little better with Batman, but I still have a gripe, and it’s a big one...he portrays Batman as a fool. Batman is one of the smartest characters in the DC Universe, yet he becomes Lex Luther's pawn and can’t quite figure out that he’s getting played. He’s so close minded that he doesn’t even bother to hear Superman out before they wrestle for a while.

But Wonder Woman was badass...right?

YES! Wonder Woman may have been the “coolest” character featured in Batman v Superman. Her reason for even being involved in the story however was ridiculous and revolved around a 100 year old photo of herself that Lex Luthor had. Forgetting that, they were able to make her look really great in the few action scenes she was in. But, like the rest of the movie the inconsistencies shined through and while she was clearly the most powerful character involved in the major battle...she was a spectator when it truly mattered. Side Note, Wonder Woman must be a frequent flyer, because even though she’s stayed away from civilization for almost 100 years, the flight attendant knew her last name as she exited the plane, Prince.

What did you think of the extended use of Dream Sequences?

Well, thanks to them we got to see Batman’s origin for the millionth time on screen, heck they may have even used the same hole from Batman Begins for Bruce to fall down. The rest of theses “Knightmares” were nothing more than a complete waste of time - The Flash in football pads? Mad Max Batman? Superman talking to his dad about dead horses on top of a mountain? Seriously, all these things did was pad an already overlong movie.

I've heard that Batman is cool with killing people in this universe, is that true?

Yeah, this version of Batman is brutal and has no problem enforcing his own brand of justice by shooting and killing bad guys instead of giving them proper due process. I can see how Batman might have been pushed to this level, thanks to the Robin costume tease in the Batcave. You would think that this would make Batman a criminal, yet the cops don’t seem to eager to try and track him down or arrest him. How would he get away with all of this, without any repercussions? I don’t know either, but they could have thrown Superman into the role of bringing Batman to justice, much like The Dark Knight Returns, but missed out on it.

And that brings us to Jesse Eisenbergs Lex Luther…

Where do I even begin. Leaving the over the top performance that didn't fit the tone of the movie out of it, there was so much wrong here. First off are we supposed to believe that he is so smart that he knows Clark Kent is Superman and Bruce Wayne is Batman? Does this super intelligence also make him a talented graphic designer who created awesome logos for all of the meta-humans he has found? I never really understood why he wanted Batman and Superman to fight nor did I get why he has special bullets that the government knows about but does nothing to stop. And why would he use said bullets to setup Superman? Does he think that people think that Superman uses guns? …. Do I even need to go on?

The rest of the crap that drove me nuts…

The pee jar. Clark Kent being the worst employee ever yet not getting fired. One word ending the most epic battle in Superhero movie history. Wonder Woman not grabbing the spear and throwing that fucker right through Doomsday? Speaking of Doomsday, how did Lex gain control of the Kyptonian ship? Why would the government have kept that ship in the middle of the city? How did Lex know to spill his blood to create Doomsday? Why was Doomsday naked? When Superman “died” why were there bagpipes playing on the Kent farm? Wow...just wow.

Ok, now that we know how you really feel, do you think that Zack Snyder is the right man for Justice League?

No. I honestly believe that Zack Snyder is the wrong person to head the DC Extended Universe. While he might have some decent strengths as a director he just doesn’t get it when adapting comic book characters to the big screen (Watchmen and Man of Steel prove this). Even though I think that he’s the wrong man for the job, Batman v Superman will probably make a lot of money and WB will keep him around since they’re known for making terrible decisions. I cringe when I think how much of a shit show the Justice League might be with the direction of Zack Snyder. If Snyder can’t get Batman and Superman right, two of the easiest characters adapted correctly for the big screen, how will Cyborg be handled?

Here’s a fun way to end this. With a quote from one of the writers of Batman v Superman, David S. Goyer: “Batman vs. Superman is where you go when you admit to yourself that you’ve exhausted all possibilities... It’s somewhat of an admission that the franchise is on its last gasp.”


"I had so many issues that I was honestly just confused after seeing the movie. Sure, plot holes exist in every story, but this was really bad."

RELEASED: March 25, 2016 | WATCHED IN: Theater | FORMAT: IMAX 3-D | RUNNING TIME: 2:31

Story - 1/5
Visuals - 4/5
Batfleck - 4/5
Superman- 1/5
DC's Future - 3/5
- This is the most unlikable Superman I've ever seen. It's almost impossible to cheer for the sad, mopey guy.
- Affleck put on a great show despite having to work with a messy script.
- Wonder Woman stole every scene she was in
- The story was a total, confusing, mess.
- Zach Snyder has put the DC universe in a bad spot