Heroes and their consequences

BY Tristan Wischer | April 19, 2015

I've been waiting for this. Daredevil on Netflix is finally here. I love symmetry and the fact that Daredevil is linked to all the Marvel movies that we know and love makes it simply wonderful. Daredevil is just the start of the partnership with Marvel and Netflix as we'll still see 3 other titles, plus a major team up with all of those properties in The Defenders. The first episode wasn't exactly an origin story, but it was more a perfect table setter. It introduced us to a damaged and broken Hell's Kitchen in New York city. They were hit hard by the alien invasion we saw in The Avengers and this is now a story that shows the fallout from that story that we would have normally just forgot. I would say this first episode really didn't even focus on anything Avengers, it more just connecting the dots in showing what kind of world they are now living in. The show is titled Daredevil, so really it's Matt Murdock that we learn a whole lot about in the first episode.


Not just a Batman ripoff

Marvel and DC have a ton of characters that are very similar to each other. When it comes to Daredevil, he's easily compared to Batman from the DC Universe. The docks scene in the first episode was reminiscent of Batman Begins, but I don't think you can outlaw doing a docks fight scene just because it was in a Batman movie. The overall tone of Daredevil is something I've never seen done in a TV show. If you want to do the comparison then fine. But I think Hell's Kitchen seems to be a lot more interesting than how Gotham is portrayed. I bet that if the TV series, Gotham, was set up like Daredevil, it would have been a really good show.


I have been raving about the cast of Daredevil for some time now and it's great to finally see these characters brought to life.

WISLON FISK - Vincent D'Onfrio - I love how they're setting up Wilson Fisk / Kingpin, to be biggest and baddest guy in town. They didn't even say his name in the first episode but he was very much present. We did get to hear his voice on the phone while getting briefed by his man in charge, Wesley. Just the tease of how evil this guy is has me very anxious to see the his true first appearance. How their dealt with their "business associates" reminded me of Godfather and how they took care of business. If someone failed with what they were told to do then their business connected was terminated, permanently.

MATT MURDOCK - Charlie Cox - Charlie Cox plays a fascinating Matt Murdock. We're often left with some cheesiness when it comes to TV shows or movies being Adapted, but I didn't once get that feeling while watching the debut episode.

FOGGY NELSON - Elden Henson - We got to see the introductions of Karen Page and Foggy Nelson in this first episode also. Foggy needs Matt need each other if their law practice will ever amount to anything, and also to keep Foggy on the right path instead of just going for the quick buck.

KAREN PAGE - Deborah Ann Woll - Karen Page was introduced perfectly. She found herself in the really bad situation after she discovered her boss was involved in some illegal activity with pensions. She can't let herself come to trust anyone, but opens up just enough to let Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson help her. I can't wait to keep watching to see some other characters pop up to really round out this amazing cast.

Flashbacks are always a risk

There's ways of doing a good flashback, and definitely terrible ways of doing a flashback (see Arrow). Matt Murdock's origin story will be spread throughout the first season, but in the first episode we learned many things about the character. He's truly someone that puts others before himself, even as a child when he saved a man and paid the ultimate price by being blinded by chemicals during a car accident.

He learned this from his father, Jack Murdock, who is a boxer doing his best to be a good father and mold Matt in to be a great person. He stays on his son to do his schoolwork so he doesn't have to end up like him. Ultimately, Matt becomes a lawyer so his schoolwork must have paid off. I have a feeling we'll see more of Jack Murdock, and possibly learn that the boxing gene was passed to Matt to some degree. Matt can really take a beating, as it's been shown in the first episode, in his battle against the hit man that was sent to retrieve the USB drive from Karen Page that had the implicating evidence involving the pension scheme at UnionAllied.

Comic book fun.

I've already mentioned Wesley, the shot caller, for Kingpin, but there's an even larger crime syndicate that works for Kingpin. There were some references to the comic, such as Rigoletto and that he's now retired. Rigoletto was the Kingpin before Wilson Fisk rose to power so it definitely seems like this is the early stages of Fisk's transformation into the Kingpin.

The man handling the money, Leland Owlsley, is also known as The Owl in the comic book. Another familiar character that we've seen in the comics and the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie, is the henchman seen at the opening dock scene and at the end of the show, Turk Barrett. Thankfully we have better casting with Marvel Studios since Coolio was casted in the Daredevil movie to play Barrett.

There's also a connection to someone we've already seen within the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we know Daredevil is apart of. That would be Carl "Crusher" Creel who Jack Murdock fought against. It's very possible Creel was pretty young when he fought Jack Murdock, since we've seen him as an adult appearing as Absorbing Man in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this past season.

So far, they've executed taking storyline from the comic book world and perfectly thrown them into Daredevil. Having knowledge of the comics is only a plus for the viewer as you can still enjoy the show without having to know the backstories of every character. This was only the first episode so I can't wait to see what else we'll see from the comics.

A part of the family.

We know Daredevil lives within the same Marvel Cinematic Universe that The Avengers, and S.H.I.E.L.D. live in. I love how they made the references in the first episode without involving those "other guys". Hell's Kitchen took a serious hit after the Avengers battled the alien invasion, real estate is on the cheap and crime is growing in a part of the city that's suffered greatly. We all know what happened so they don't have to explain the alien invasion to us. Thankfully they do it in a smart way, and with that they keep the general tone of Daredevil in check. Daredevil is fighting crime within his city and it's not necessarily part of the large scale disasters the Avengers are forced to go up against. I think they found a golden story taking place in Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil has the potential to be apart of something bigger, but if not, it's not a huge deal since after one episode I'm very much intrigued by what's happening just in Hell's Kitchen.


"The first episode set the table for the entire season with a great introduction story and awesome action scenes. This is Daredevil done right."


|Story - 5/5
|Cast - 5/5
|Fight Scenes - 5/5
|Comic references- 5/5
|Bingeablity - 5/5
| It’s like Batman, but then again it’s definitely something entirely different. It’s Daredevil!
| Comic book readers will pick up on comic book clues, but the comics aren’t a requirement.
| Perfect episode introducing us to the wonderful cast and their characters.
| Daredevil is part of the big MCU, but the story is all about Hell’s Kitchen.
| Thankfully I don’t have to wait to watch the next episode.