Rebuild your estate, explore dungeons, and dispose of adventurers like chattel.

BY Amy Stevens | March 28, 2015

Darkest Dungeon was gifted to me as a very early Valentines Day present. I mean, what could a girl love more? I thoroughly enjoy the art style, and the narrator, his voice, so good! The dialogue is well written and it really gets you into the mood of the game. Also, this game is full of iron maidens, deformed, demonic, human like pigs, venomous spiders and blood letting cultists, and that's only in the first few dungeon areas! I may be getting ahead of myself though...

Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike, side scrolling, dungeon crawler. You are tasked with rebuilding your families estates, reclaiming the land, and uncovering the mysteries of the dungeon upon which your domain rests. Eager for wealth and fame, many from across the lands will flock to your manor to volunteer their bodies to your cause. Most don't know what they are getting into.

This game has, so far, five different dungeons for you to explore. Each dungeon has several different levels, tasks and bosses for you to fight. As you complete tasks and basic exploration the dungeon levels up and offers increased difficulty and new bosses. I haven't played all of them yet, having only unlocked the first three, but man, are there some creepy baddies.

The battles are fun, turn based, and require some strategy. Each monster has different attacks and inflict different amounts of stress. Knowing which one to kill first every time is a skill that you learn as your explore more and more. For instance, the deformed pig man, with arms for his legs, vomits on you. If you are unlucky, his puke can give one of your characters a permanent debuff. Ew.

As it is, in it's early access state, I can't really find anything they need to change in Darkest Dungeon. It seems like a complete game to me already. I haven't experienced any glitches or problems, and I'm not really sure what they can or will add to the game before it's all set to go. I hear that more options in the town could be added, and I have yet to experience all of the characters and dungeons that are available to me, only because they aren't coming out till the real release of the game. There will be more of a story mode added too, different narrative and more interactive dungeon objects!


The dungeons stay brutal.

The toughness of the game really adds to the quality of it. It's so nice to play a game that isn't just point, click, win. I actually needed to strategize and plan for each battle, and each dungeon room. The level of difficulty was fun, just tough enough that you groaned when your hit was dodged, as now your whole party may be wiped, but easy enough that with a good surprise attack, you could clear a battle with no damage. I hope the balance stays the same, and that whiners in the forums don't make Red Hook think they should dumb it down.

These are the creepiest monsters ever.

So far the monsters in this game have been fun and ghoulish. I enjoy seeing them, and whenever I've experienced a new one it's always super exciting and gross to see. The art style is just too cool. I hope that when the Darkest Dungeon becomes unlocked in the full game version, that there are even creepier, nastier, dirtier monsters that I can't even handle.

New characters, worth it?

I've enjoyed the characters I've been allowed to play so far. In all honesty though, I really only use four to five of the ten classes. I hope that the new characters that are added are actually worth the addition with good talents and skills, and not repeats for what the game already has.

​​I'm so down with Darkest Dungeon right now.

The art style, the narrative, the voice acting, the combat, the baddies, pretty much everything about this game is win. I love playing this game, and I feel that even though it's early access, it seems like a full game. I can't wait to see all the new additions to the game, the new dungeon, items, and the new characters. At twenty dollars, it may seem steep for an early access game, but it currently plays like a full game, and has endless dungeon exploration so you can get the mechanics of how it works under your belt for the full game release. I can't wait to explore the completed Darkest Dungeon.


"I'm super stoked for this game. It is fully playable in it's current state and is both evilly tough and super fun. The artistic style is fresh, the narration is excellent, the dungeons endless (so far) and the battles engaging and fun. This game punishes players in the most funnest of ways!"


|Current Content - 5/5
|Playable State - 5/5
|Visuals - 5/5
|Difficulty- 5/5
|Current Fun - 5/5
| This roguelike dungeon crawler is TOUGH. You are meant to die, a lot.
| This game has a unique ‘stress’ system and the characters you may have loved in one dungeon, turn into disposable flesh in the next.
| The voice acting of the narrator is to DIE for!
| Not all dungeons are currently unlocked, but the ones I have played are creepy cool.
| Every character has unique stats and abilities, with a few still left under lock and key, I can’t wait to see how all of them handle.