Deadpool REVIEW

BY Tristan Wischer | February 15, 2016

Surprise, this is a different kind of superhero story.

Deadpool is the ultimate anti hero and despite being the star of his very own comic book movie, definitely doesn’t want the responsibility of being a superhero. He’ll never conform to the ways of the every-day superhero and will forever be the kind of character that does things his own way. This extends to the storytelling where Deadpool breaks the 4th wall quite a bit, which might be the most enjoyable thing about him. He’s also a mutant, which means this movie takes place in the X-Men universe, which means we will see some X-men. Let's find out if this movie lived up to the hype.

Did they do the comic justice?

Deadpool as a character has gone through many transformations over the years but from where he’s been the last 10 or so, they’ve translated that into live action perfection. The movie did justice to the Deadpool character in every possible way.

How was Ryan Reynolds interpretation of the character?

Ryan Reynolds is Wade Wilson. The movie took 15 years to get made, and that entire time Ryan Reynolds was pushing to get it made. It’s a little like Samuel L. Jackson being used as inspiration for the Ultimate version of Nick Fury, and then he’s cast to play Nick Fury in the movies. With how much Reynolds has been involved, the writers of the comics at some point could have easily pictured Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool when they’re writing the comics and now this is what we have.

They oddly have a lot of similarities from height, hair color, eye color, Canadian heritage, build, and the gift of gab. Even both of their names have alliteration. Ryan's full name is Ryan Rodney Reynolds (RRR) and Deadpool's full name is Wade Winston Wilson (WWW). Deadpool is unique for his mouth, and Reynold’s comedic style fit perfectly. Reynold’s past mistakes of Green Lantern and Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine gets referenced, and almost gets washed away after this performance. Ryan Reynolds has been a cheerleader for this movie to get made for years and all that hard work has paid off.

Was the main villian any good?

Ed Skrein (as Ajax) played the token British villain quite well. He made it easy to hate him and cheer against him throughout the movie. He handled himself (or the stunt person stand-in) in the fight scenes and proved to be a worthy nemesis.

We are a little worried that the movie will spend too much time on backstory, is that the case?

They did a really great job of not following the script of any other superhero movie out there. They took the generic superhero script, took a shit on it and created their own way to tell this story, and it worked wonderfully. Questions were answered, and we weren’t stuck with the entire movie being an origin story.

Speaking of the story, how was it?

I enjoyed the story, mostly because it was so different than what we’re used to. His mission isn’t to be protector of his city like Batman or Daredevil, nor is he trying to save the world. He only wants to protect those closest to him, and that’s his only true reason for doing anything that might resemble being heroic.

You were pretty stoked for some of the smaller characters in this flick, how did colossus and the gang turn out?

I’m a huge fan of Colossus, and I was left a little disappointed with how much talking was involved. They kind of made him a little annoying by having him as the voice of reason. I suppose someone had to play that role, but I’m just a little let down since Colossus is one of my favorite X-Men. At least we got some great action scenes with him... I’ll talk about the CGI later.

This is the first major character to feature in an “R” rated movie, was the violence and language too much? It was awesome and necessary, right?

They had to put a R-rating for a true Deadpool movie to be made. I wouldn’t even want to see a PG-13 Deadpool since I know it wouldn’t be close to what it should be. The studio took a chance with this movie and I now fear that all of Hollywood will start putting out R-rated superhero movies...for properties that don’t need it.

The original Deadpool concept video featured a ton of CG, how were the special effects in the final product?

This movie had an incredibly low budget for a “superhero” genre film. With how much of a struggle it was to get a Deadpool movie made, they took what the studio gave them and made the best of it. The poor CGI involving Colossus stands out the most. For some reason they kept him in metal form the entire movie which really bothered me. Even with the low budget and the Colossus misstep, they delivered impressively.

So you liked the movie, you liked Ryan Reynolds, do you want to see more Deadpool?

If you’ve seen the movie you know the post-credits scene confirms the future of Deadpool. I absolutely can’t wait for more Deadpool since that means I’ll get some of my favorite characters adapted for the first time ever in a movie. They’ve successfully brought Deadpool to the big screen, so I cannot wait to see what’s next. There’s plenty of parts of the X-Men universe that haven’t been explored in the movies and hopefully Deadpool will fix that.


"I loved Deadpool mostly because of how it’s so different than anything we’ve seen with other comic book movies. The small budget hurt them and I can't wait to see what they do with a big budget."

RELEASED: February 11, 2016 | WATCHED IN: Theater | FORMAT: Normal | RUNNING TIME: 1:46

Deadpool-ness - 5/5
Villain - 4/5
Other Characters - 4/5
Visuals- 4/5
Ryan Reynolds - 5/5
- Ryan Reynolds was perfect to play this character
- The small budget resulted in subpar CGI for Colossus
- This movie had to have a R-rating in order to be great
- A new branch of the X-Men universe has been created
- From the comics to the big screen, the 4th wall will continue to be broken