Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 REVIEW

BY Jason Hojnacki | May 05, 2017


The first Guardians of the Galaxy came out before the site launched, so we never had a formal review, but had I reviewed it I would have given it a 5. I say that to set the table for just how excited I was to see what Director James Gunn had planned for this sequel. And as you will read in a few seconds, for the most part he delivers. Were there a few jokes that felt forced, a couple of scenes that went on a little too long, sure, but they never took me out of the grand space epic I found myself immersed in. The mix of action, character development and visual spectacle on display here is light-years ahead of what is found in every other comic book movie.

If you are wondering why I didn't talk about a major plot point or cameo, it's because I tried to keep this review as vague and spoiler free as possible.

The first film felt so original and caught a few of us by surprise with how awesome it was, is this a worthy sequel?

This is without a doubt as worthy a sequel as you will ever get and does everything a good sequel is supposed to do. Existing characters are fleshed out, new, strong characters are introduced, relationships become more meaningful and the stakes are raised(when family is involved they always go up). Does it move into Empire Strikes Back or Back to the Future II territory,..probably not, but it’s damn close.

With the addition of so many new characters does it get too crowded?

Surprisingly, not in the least bit. Gunn managed to move from character to character at a steady clip, building relationships and back stories without them feeling forced, or boring me. I am honestly sitting here trying to think of a movie that introduced so many new characters that I actually want to see more of? Considering how well I feel like I know all of the characters in this universe, it’s really hard to believe that this just the second movie.

With so many characters in this film, who stood out the most?

I can’t believe I am typing this but I think that Drax was the standout here. His jokes landed, he fought like a boss and the way his backstory unfolds really makes you care about the guy.

How were the Villains and did they honestly pose a threat to the Guardians?

Do these comic book movie Villains ever really pose a threat? Were they big, bad and built in a way that we felt they could give the Guardians a legit fight, yes. If you walk into this movie hoping that Ego is going to give the Guardians an Epic fight, then you are going to get exactly what you paid for.

Baby Groot looks adorable but man after seeing the trailer a few times he got pretty annoying, how does he hold up throughout the film?

I totally get where you are coming from with this question because I kind of felt the same. I thought he was neat when I first saw the trailer, but by the time I walked into the theater I was already sick of him. Then the movie started, and I fell in love with that little bastard all over again. To answer your question, he held up perfectly fine.

Finally, the soundtrack was awesome in Volume 1, does it live up to the high bar that was set?

Yes and no. Was the soundtrack perfectly curated, to the point that an obscure song actually held up as part of a plot point, yes. Were the tracks expertly placed for maximum impact, at just the right moments, yes. Were the songs as instantly recognizable to the masses as the first, probably not, but that doesn't mean they weren’t just as impactful and fun. So yeah, it totally lived up to expectations.


This movie delivers in every conceivable way. It’s self-aware, it’s fun, it’s emotional, it’s visually’s everything you want a comic book movie to be.

RELEASED: May 04, 2017 | WATCHED IN: Theater | FORMAT: Normal | RUNNING TIME: 2:16

Fun Factor - 5/5
Soundtrack - 4/5
Bad Guys - 4/5
New Guys - 5/5
Visuals - 5/5
- No other Marvel movie has relationships this meaningful
- Surprise, Baby Groot didn't wear out his welcome
- Yondu is as bad an ass as you can get
- Best cameos in the history of comic book movies
- Star Lord takes a back seat, despite being the center of the plot, which was amazing