A person who lacks courage in facing danger

BY Chad Swenor | March 17, 2015

If you tuned in to last weeks edition of Adapted the group and I discussed how last week was kind of a sleeper in terms of storyline but did a great job in terms of major character development. This weeks Episode "Spend" was anything but slow. What we had missed last week in terms of zombie killing action and storyline was 1000% made up for this week. This week's episode see's the some of the goriest deaths that we have yet to see. In "Spend" we see the killing off of two characters, one major character and one recently introduced main character.

This week's episode was all about one centralized theme, cowards. This week we see the cowardice of the entire town of Alexandria as well as that of Eugene.

It starts out with Glenn leading a group consisting of Tara, Noah, Eugen, Aiden, and Nicholas on a supply run in order to try to find some transistors in order to restore the towns flailing power infrastructure. Aiden is blasting his dubstep with the lyrics; "Now your gonna Die!" When the group gets to the mall it appears Aiden is going to let Glenn take the reigns and the group agrees to look for alternate escape routes. While looking for the escape routes Eugene is paired with Tara and continues to talk about him being a coward and how they are there because he got them there. At this point I am 100% praying for Eugene to die. Once inside the mall they find the parts they need to restore the power in Alexandria. A walker sneaks up on Aiden, he proceeds to open fire on a walker who appears to have been ex-military. Aiden hits an explosive which blows up, after the dust settles Aiden is impaled and Nicolas has left him for dead and Tara is seemingly still alive but unconscious. The group heads for the confines of a nearby office where they discover that Aiden is in fact still alive. Glenn mounts a rescue attempt for Aiden, they find out he is stuck really good, they are being overrun by zombies and Nicholas whispers into Aiden's ear that he is leaving him and the group has to retreat. Aiden tells Glenn that the people of Alexandria are the weak ones and he is then eaten alive by the zombie horde.

Nicholas high tails it out of there towards the front door and Glenn and Noah follow. Eugene sees an open door and decides to make a break for it. Of course I think that being the cowardly son of a bitch that he is, he's going to leave Tara behind. Much to my chagrin we see Tara lumped over his shoulder and Eugene making a break for the van. Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas are now trapped in a revolving door completely surrounded by zombies, the only way out is for them to work together because Nicholas has the ammo and Glenn and Noah have the guns. Eugene makes it to the van and has the radio bumping in order to distract the walkers long enough for the trapped trio to make the exchange. While trying to open the doors a little so that Nicholas can pass the ammo over to Glenn that ball-less bastard Nicholas powers his way out the door which opens the door on Glenn and Noah's side. This leads to Noah's leg getting grabbed and the walkers pulling on him and Glenn trying to to pull him back. In a look of panic, Noah tells Glenn "Don't let go, please!" The walkers overpower Glenn and Noah is toast, Glenn looks on horrified while Noah meets his gruesome death. This visibly rocks Glenn down to the core. Nicholas makes it to the van with Eugene, he tells Eugene to get back in the van or stay with his friends. Eugene goes for his gun and is overpowered by Nicholas, as Nicholas throws Eugene to the ground and is about to get to the van Glenn comes running up and knocks that cowardly bastard the fuck out!

Rick is cruising around the town as the Sheriff when he comes across Jessie and discovers that someone has destroyed their metal owl. Rick tells Jessie that he is on it, basically because he has nothing else to do. Later Pete shows up at Rick's door (looking blasted) with some beers and tells "Let's be friends, we kind of have no choice in the matter." Carol is reunited with the cookie monster Sam. Carol is extremely cruel to Sam when all he wants is some of her delicious cookies. She tells Sam that he can only have cookies if he steals a chocolate bar for the cookies and one for her. Ding Dong, Sam shows up with the goods, much to the surprise of Carol. After baking the cookies he admits to Carol two things: one that he will break things when he gets upset and secondly that he wants a gun for someone's protection. Carol later goes to Sam's house and Pete answers the door, he won't let Carol see Sam or Jessie. This leads Carol to believe that Pete is abusing Jessie and Sam which prompts her to tell Rick about her suspicions.

Meanwhile, Abraham is at a construction site gathering metal for the expansion of Alexandria the group is overrun by walkers. In the melee one of Francine from Alexandria is down, all of her compadres are perfectly fine leaving her to her own demise. This is not ok with Abraham and he rushes in there to save her. He helps her up to the safety of a front end loader and it looks like he has resounded to the fact that this could be his last dance, his had the best one liner I've heard in a long time, "mother dick!" Abraham saves the day and gains the respect of the crew and is subsequently rewarded by being made the leader of the construction crew.

At the end of the episode Preacher Gabriel finally joins the cast again, in the beginning of the episode we see him tearing pages out of his bible and clearly distraught. At the end of the episode Preacher Gabriel meets with Deanna and tells her that Rick and his crew are not good people and that they can not be trusted. The whole time Maggie can hear what Preacher Gabriel is telling Deanna. Deanna at first looks to take it with a grain of salt, toward the end of Preacher Gabriel's speech she has a look in her eye. One of which reminded me of The Governor, like she realized she was slowly losing control.


Did Someone say Foreshadowing?

In the last couple of episodes we have seen little "Easter Eggs" out there that have been a sign of things to come. This week there were three big ones out there. The first of which was the when Noah meet with Deanna's husband early in the morning claiming that he wanted to meet so that he could learn to build things, new things, and that he was in for the long haul. Deanna's husband rips out his pages and gives his notebook to Noah and tells him to use it to write down and remember everything. Later in the episode on the ride back to Alexandria we see Noah's notebook open to the first page, in it he has written "This is the beginning…." Is this the beginning of Rick and company taking over Alexandria? Is this the beginning of the carnage to be brought on by "The Wolves"?

Another huge tell was when Glenn and company are in the van with the bitchin' sound system blaring "Now Your Gonna Die!", the camera pans over to to Noah screwing in his silencer in the back of the van while they are heading out. When I heard that song and saw the long pause on Noah's face, I had the sneaking suspicion that it was his time to go. You know what, I was alright with that. With how much death Noah has brought to the group, it was inevitable that he was going to have to go. Every time you were with Noah you were basically on borrowed time. While I was sort of happy to see Noah go, I can't stomach the way he went out, by the cowardice of Nicholas.

The third reference of foreshadowing that something terrible is going to happen is the sign by the construction site that reads:

Big things are coming:The Woodlands Mall

You've arrived at your destination

Is this a prelude to the finale? Could this possibly be foreshadowing The Wolves are coming or possibly something about Morgan?

Tons Of Character Development!

This week we saw a ton of character development come in the form of many characters.

ABRAHAM: Basically we are reminded of the badass that Abraham is! In this episode we see Abraham rise to the occasion to become a savior amongst the construction crew. While Abraham is with other Alexandrians collecting metal sheets to extend Alexandria's walls they are overrun with zombies. A stray bullet sees the hydraulics line cut to the front end loader that Francine is standing on rupture and sends her to the ground, everyone except for Abraham is willing to let her die. Abraham rushes to her rescue and that rallies the rest of the crew to join in and save Francine. This subsequently sees Abraham get promoted to being in charge of the work crew.

EUGENE: Eugene is a character that I had despised, when I found out he had lied I had wished him dead. In the beginning of the episode Eugene did nothing but make me continue to wish him dead in the way he was a coward. Eugene tried to explain to Tara that he was the reason that they were in Washington D.C. and that was fact! Tara was obviously not having anything to do with it. Once the gang got to the mall and Eugene was alone with Tara trapped in the office you surely thought he was going to run out the open door and leave Tara behind. To my surprise we find out that Eugene was carrying Tara out to safety, when the moment to kill zombies came, Eugene finally answered the call. Eugene ever manages to mount a rescue operation for Glen, Noah, and Nicolas. Eugene has finally started to redeem himself in my eyes.

AIDEN: It seemed like Aiden had finally started to turn around, that maybe this was getting through is thick D-Bag skull. Up until this episode Aiden was easily unlikeable with his reckless attitude and cockiness. When they were on the run it looked like he was taking Glenn's advice and finally becoming a team player. Finally Aiden kind of redeemed himself but it took his dying words; "It was us, The others before, they didn't panic, we did, it was us."

NICHOLAS: What can I say about this asshole, other than I want him to see the wrong end of a branding iron and feel copious amounts of pain. We saw what he was really made of when at first he left his best mate Aiden to die while Glenn and Noah attempted to save his life. What we saw in Nicholas is indicative of everyone in Alexandria, save your own skin.

TARA: Tara gets wounded as a result of Aiden's stupidity and it's looking bleak like she will make it out alive. In this episode it is Tara that I think lights the fire under Eugene's ass when she lets him know that Eugene did get them to Washington, they got Eugene there.

Has Everyone Flown Over The Cuckoo’s Nest?

This week it appears the conformation that Carol has almost completely lost it is correct. She is extremely harsh with Sam when he comes to see her, almost vindictive. Once Sam comes back with the chocolate Sam and Carol are talking in the kitchen and Carol slowly begins to piece together the suspicion that Pete is abusing his family. Carol attempts to see Sam at this house after he abruptly leaves, when Pete answers the door seemingly drunk and won'tallow Carol to see Sam or Jessie she goes to Rick with her suspicion. Taking into account her already sinister state and add to the fact that Carol was a victim of Domestic Violence herself she is about taking some extreme measures. When Carol confronts Rick with it, she tells Rick that he knows what he is going to have to do, "He is going to have to kill him!" The look on Rick's face is one of perplexion, he has just started to settle in to Alexandria and now Carol is asking him to come back into the darkness!

Preacher Gabriel is the worst form of coward in this entire show, which means that he belongs in Alexandria! Gabriel comes to Deanna's door to tell her about the evil things that Rick has done in order to stay alive. To me this is blatant betrayal to Rick and the group of the worst time, he is so cowardly that he can't even do it in front of the group in an attempt to save his own skin. Unbeknownst to him, Maggie can hear everything that he is telling to Deanna. Has Gabriel gone completely bonkers? If it wasn't for Rick and team he would surely be dead by now! This week we have witnessed two cowards among Rick's group, both of which have gone in completely different directions. Eugene has come around to the fact that with Rick is the right direction while Preacher Gabriel has gone in the other direction, he is going for the tranquility of "civilized" Alexandria. Which of our cowards have chosen correctly? Will Deanna believe Preacher Gabriel?

Oh shit, where do I begin?

In this episode we saw two of the most gruesome deaths that we have probably ever seen in The Walking Dead in Noah and Aiden's deaths. I have to say, that I think that the visual of seeing Noah die that way, the most powerful part of it was when they panned to Glenn sitting in the revolving doors horrified. I think that seeing the death of Noah who Glenn had recently become good friends with is going to really fuck Glenn up. The part that Glenn will have the hardest time with, is knowing that Noah's death could have been avoided had Nicholas just stuck to the plan. It was the look in Glenn's eyes when he knocked Nicholas out and he was driving back to Alexandria. Glenn has never lost someone that he has tried to save, this is new for him.

What is going to become of Deanna, she has admitted that she is putting a lot of Rick's people in positions of power. Father Gabriel has completely lost his marbles and told Deanna not to trust Rick because they have done horrible things, now Glenn is going to come back to Alexandria without her son. Is she going to become paranoid and do something rash?

It seems some of the group is not coping so well with the new surroundings, Carol has completly lost it, will Rick be swayed back to the dark side because of her? It appears that Sasha has gone completely mental and is taking shots at the people of Alexandria.

All I can say is that I have the feeling that we are going to be introduced to The Wolf Pack this season and the last episodes are going to action packed and full of twists.


"This episode had everything we want, great character development, gnarly zombie deaths, and a solid story"


|Story - 5/5
|Zombie Deaths - 5/5
|Pace - 5/5
|Score- 3/5
|Surprises - 5/5
| We had some real jarring storylines; Carol dealing with her past Domestic Violence, Father Gabriel, Glenn’s reaction to Noah’s death.
| Ah, Abraham killed like 30 zombies alone. Even Eugene got in on the zombie action by finally popping his zombie cherry.
| Just imagine Dom’s Charger from The Fast and the Furious; wide open with nitrous! That was this week’s episode!
| Other than the song from Knife Party, it was alright.
| Yeah, nobody saw two major deaths coming in this episode! That is why we love The Walking Dead.