Happy birthday

BY Jason Hojnacki | May 08, 2017

The first full length trailer for Blade Runner 2049 is here and looks just as amazing as we all speculated it would. All of the big budget cyber-punk boxes are checked, the nostalgic pieces are in place and the rain seems to be falling exactly when you would expect it too. The only bummer here is that we have to wait until November 6th to see if the new team can capture that old magic.

Do you have a history with the Blade Runner movies?

The original Blade Runner came out a little before my time, so it was one of those movies that always looked cool(as a kid the box art made me think it was one of those 80’s style, sort of dirty but not really movies) so I didn’t really have in my life until I was much older. Had I seen this in my teenage years, I am sure I would describe my love of cyberpunk as inspired by this movie instead of Snatcher, Shadowrun and Syndicate.

Ford, Gosling, Leto, Davis...how are you feeling about this cast?

The only way a human being should be feeling...excited beyond belief! I questioned the casting of Gosling in the beginning but after watching the few brief moments of him and Ford together in this trailer, I am sold. I also have a ton of questions. What kind of robots is Jared Leto making in those giant zip lock bags? Why is MacKenzie Davis walking through the city like a boss? What has Decker been up to for the last 30 years? Why is Ryan Gosling special? Will Buatista have a bigger year at the Box Office than The Rock? I can't wait!!!

Cyberpunk is all about the visual flair...Denis Villeneuve, of Arrival Fame, nailed it, right?

I hate to get too excited about a visual style from a trailer, but damn this movie looks neat. Outside of a few scenes that read a little too CG for my taste, this thing looks to have style in spades. My only complaint about this trailer was that I didn’t get a few more shots of neon filled cities. I did however find a little easter egg, the 2049 White House...