Gone but not forgotten

BY Jason Hojnacki | May 02, 2017

We will file this one in the didn’t see that coming file and move on to a few of our thoughts.

It’s been five years since the last Darksiders game, are you looking forward to this one?

When I first heard that this game was coming, I was really excited...then I watched the trailer and am just meh on this one now. The art style seems blah, if this CG trailer is indicative of the final game and the main character seems pretty generic.

So you clearly aren’t digging the game after this trailer, is there anything that could change your mind?

In this day and age CG trailers announcing a game annoy me. Once I see how the game actually looks and plays I might do a 180 and be all in on the Darksiders hype train. I need to see how it plays, what it looks like in motion and what the gameplay hooks are before I lean one way or the other. For now, I’m happy that people that love this universe are getting a new game, but I need to see more to get excited.