It's 2001 Maniacs the video game!

BY Chad Hojnacki | May 26, 2017

Ubisoft just announced Far Cry 5 a short while ago and theories started coming out about the politics of the game relating to where we are in our country right now. As you can see in the video above Dan Hay the executive Producer on Far Cry notes America was in a different place over 2 years ago when they started this project and it doesn't intentionally tug on any political strings, just your heart strings as the evil prophet Joseph Seed tries to hurt your animals for hire.

This was just a peek inside the design of Far Cry 5 and you can be sure they will have plenty more to show leading up to it's release next year on February 27,2018.

Animals for hire you say?

The gimmick is actually called Fangs For Hire. It's an ability that will allow you to control several different animals related to the good old frontier of Montana which will include buffalo, bears, coyotes, a little fox friend and obviously a bear! If you played Far Cry Primal you will have a great idea on how this operates and I think on paper it sounds cool because I absolutely loved sending animals out to kill for me or soaring above the world as the owl. The problem here is that you are just some curtain crawling deputy sheriff, which I don't see quite yet how that allows you to tame the wild-lands.

What's got you the most excited from all this Far Cry 5 hype?

The Friend For Hire mode, which is basically bringing in a friend from online (sorry couch co op players you are out of luck) and playing through the entire campaign together. I love a great story and this one right now has the makings to be a hell of a ride, but nothing makes it better than doing it all with a buddy. They even made it so you create your own avatar for this adventure so everyone that joins you will be unique.

Hopefully they let us branch out a little bit further from each other than the leash they attached to our guys in Far Cry 4, it couldn't have been more than a couple hundred in game feet. I need to be able to charge ahead in a muscle car or fly overhead with a crop duster laying down some sprinkles on the crazy cultists.

You can fish..

Just had to let you know that fishing is obviously in a game based in Montana. Don't get too excited, your loot will most likely be pinheads, skippies, yellows, grumps, gorillas, husker-do's, husker-don'ts, whistling dixies and maybe a nice fat lunker. Hopefully at E3 this year they let us in on how to sift for gold!