It's not so much a hunt as it is a slow warm cuddling to get the new Pokemon

BY Chad Hojnacki | December 12, 2016

The patch we alluded to on last weeks Block Party has finally arrived! This new update is rolling out today and with it you get a chance at hatching a few new Generation 2 Pokémon, starting with the insanely adorable Pichu, Togepi and the unannounced Igglybuff. You heard that right, hatching is the only confirmed way of getting your hands on these little guys. Niantic has noted these might not be the only ones to be hatching so stay tuned as we crack open a few eggs and let you in on the surprises.

What famous Gen 2 Johto Region Pokémon do you want to see pop out of an egg?

Now until Dec 29th you can catch Holiday Hat Pikachu

With this update they also increased spawns of Pikachu, so if your like me you might actually have a chance of evolving one of these into a Raichu! Honestly, the hat is awesome but I am mostly looking forward to finally catching my 3rd Pikachu, I'm going through a rough patch with him currently.


Spawns, candy, XP and a little coal for the map hackers

Since the Halloween update was so exciting, I find it hard to believe they will only give us a few new Pokémon hidden behind the INCUBATOR PAY WALL for Christmas. I have a few little elves whispering in my ear about double XP, extra holiday candy and more, but I won't tell to much until it's a fact because I don't need any coal in my stocking.