Madden like you've never seen it

BY Jason Hojnacki | May 12, 2017

No one on the site gets more excited for a new Madden than me, so when info drops on a new game, my world halts for a second. And this release is one that I have been anxiously awaiting as Madden is finally making the move over to EA's Frostbite engine. All we know right now is that the game is going to look really good, will feature a story mode similar to the one found in FIFA 17 and that they are moving back to the old school aim where you want to throw the ball with a target gimmick. August 25th can't come soon enough.

Story Mode is finally in Madden, good news or bad?

I think this is a great move, if they can find a way to give you an even mix of on field action and off field story building. While I enjoyed the story mode in FIFA 17, my biggest gripe was just how many games I had to play that meant absolutely nothing. My other issue with that mode was all of the training I had to endure. I get that the character is honing his skils...but when I have to do the same challenge for the 15th time, I check out. So, if EA manages to keep the story mode breezy and fun, I think it could be an awesome addtion.

Will the introduction of the Frostbite engine help the franchise?

In the sense that it might draw some people in that have been bitching about Madden being the same game, then yeah, it might help the franchise. Until I know exactly what kind of changes the move to Frostbite will bring, I am going to keep my expecations in check.